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Underwater Rockland

Wednesday, October 25th 2017

Maine Boats, Homes & Harbors is located in a historic building overlooking Rockland Harbor. We’ve gotten to know the harbor well, watching the ferries, fishing boats and sailors come and go. But there is a part of the view that we cannot see, underwater Rockland. We partnered with our friends at Compass Light Productions in Camden to produce this really cool short video about our harbor and its unexpectedly vibrant underwater life. Like many harbors along the coast of Maine, Rockland has been home to shipbuilding, shipping, fishing, fish processing, and more recently a growing number of recreational boaters. Below it all, the silent creatures of the cold salt water have held onto their secrets. Some, like anemones stay put in one place all their lives, others like sea urchins, sea stars, seals and lobsters move around. Like us they call this place home. Meet some of them in this video narrated by Caitlin Cleaver, a marine biologist, diver and director of science and research at the Hurricane Island Foundation. 

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