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The Maine I Love

Photo slideshows by people who love Maine. Click on the image to view the photos and learn about the person who took them.

The Maine I Love - Bob Trapani

Bob Trapani, Jr. has been photographing scenes at Rockland Breakwater nearly every day since 2009 and says he still finds new angles to explore there.

The Maine I Love - Linn Sage

Linn Sage has been documenting life around her in Maine and New York for many years. She has shown her work at a number of galleries in Maine, including Courthouse Gallery Fine Art in Ellsworth.

The Maine I Love - Lisa Tyson Ennis

Explore the haunting images of herring weirs and fish houses in Newfoundland and downeast Maine with photographer Lisa Tyson Ennis.

The Maine I Love - Photographs by Andrea Hand

Bangor-based artist and photographer Andrea Hand specializes in events and portraits. A visit to this private fishing camp in Northern Maine inspired her to add landscapes to her repertoire. “I have lived in Maine for 26 years, but until last year had never participated in the ‘camp’ lifestyle. When folks talked about ‘going to camp,’ I thought they were talking about a week away at some kind of summer camp. Then last summer I was invited to an 1890s fishing camp for a late-season jaunt. As we turned off the logging road and across the small bridge onto the site, my soul was flooded with the spirit of this sacred place.

The Maine I Love - Photographs by Bigelow Laboratory for Ocean Sciences

These images are part of an exhibit at the Portland Public Library (March 6-31, 2015) entitled “Tiny Giants: Marine microbes revealed on a grand scale.” The photos were taken by scientists at the East Boothbay-based Bigelow Laboratory for Ocean Sciences who explore how marine microbes drive global ocean processes. These tiny, nearly invisible plants and animals provide a foundation for life both in the ocean and on land. They consist of plants—phytoplankton that provide half of the oxygen we breathe, and animals—zooplankton that serve as the source of food for all marine life from fish to whales.

The Maine I Love - Michael Heiko

Michael Heiko moved to South Portland eight years ago from Brooklyn, New York. His photos have appeared in national publications including the New York Times, Outside, and Men’s Journal.

The Maine I Love - Ann-e Blanchard

This issue we feature the work of Ann-e Blanchard, a freelance photographer from Scarborough, Maine, who shoots photos for the Portland Yacht Club and Gulf of Maine Ocean Racing Association web site.

The Maine I Love - Robert F. Bukaty

This issue we feature the work of Robert F. Bukaty who likes to focus on people who have a passion for adventure or a love of the outdoors. Bukaty is a staff photographer for the Associated Press based in Portland, Maine.