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Letters to the Editor — Issue 174

Castine Class, nautical books, and a rescue

New & old boats, awards, and magnetic forces

Waterfront news, IOD World Champ, a rare Bugatti boat

I’ll Never Forget What’s-His-Name

Observations of the natural world, daily life, theology and literary quotes

SW Boatworks: A Gambler’s Tale

Builder’s stable features two different Beals Island model lines

Pilgrim provides passage to good times

A 1988 center-console fishing boat provides respite and escape from day-to-day stress

Crossing the Line

Crossing the line marks a moment of no return, like leaving childhood

Ebbe and Sophie

Boatyard Dogs Ebbe & Sofie

The Maine I Love — Jonathan Laurence

Photographs from aboard fishing vessels

Joyful duck, whales, and lobsters

Science and research news, tide data, and a lifetime achievement award

Letters Issue 173

Some praise, a question, and a shark

Wayback Machines

Publisher's Letter 173

Welcome Downeast

Migrating geese, an aggressive turkey, and light in the dark

Early Photos Tell the Gritty Story of Maine’s Granite Industry

Early photos tell the gritty story of Maine’s granite industry

Off to the Races in a Luders 16

Friday races in a boat named Romp

Memories of a Perfect Anchorage

The joy of cruising the Maine coast and a special spot off Roque