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Kira the Keepah

By The Editors

Image courtesy Betty Ann and Jim Listowich

Kira is a downeast Maine girl and a definite “keepah.” Now 3 years old, the English Lab joined Betty Ann and Jim Listowich in Steuben when she was 8 weeks old by way of Cedarwood Kennels of Bradford, Maine. Ever since she got her sea legs under her at just 3 months old, it’s been nearly impossible to keep her dry during the summer season.

Kira’s favorite ride is in the 14-foot aluminum skiff Jim uses to haul his five lobster traps and to catch bait fish. Kira assumes her seat at the bow, surveying her domain ahead while on the lookout for danger. When it comes to indulging in pure recreation, she is a huge fan of sitting atop a paddleboard, letting her mind drift to visions of Cleopatra. Trips in the family’s cruiser to watch the puffins at Petit Manan Light require a degree of self-restraint, but she’s allowed to let loose when it’s time for dock diving. Kira launches all 62 pounds of herself up and out with impressive strength, with a notable corkscrew action in her tail while in flight.  


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