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Bagel and Brodi - Issue 156

Bagel and Brodi

By The Editors


This is Bagel Baggott and he is an impressive 17 years old. He is in great health and remains very active, and is an exemplary elder statesman in the canine community. A beloved member of his human family since puppyhood, he loves to go boating and do anything else that involves being with his family. Well, that and eating treats. He is a dog after all!


Brodi is a Havenese sailor dog. Here he is in the aft quarter berth of his family’s Rockland, Maine-based Sceptre 41 cutter Pax, showing who’s the boss. Like many sensitive and alert canine deckhands, he keeps a sharp eye out for visitors and knows the sound of his humans’ tender, jumping up to watch their approach through the porthole as soon as he hears them rowing toward the boat. 

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