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Issue 140 Table of Contents

May/June 2016

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Boatbuilding Mecca
The Boothbay region, with its cluster of small villages, is home to an astonishing variety of boatbuilders.
Story & Photographs by Laurie Schreiber

In the Land of Legends
The Rangeley Lakes Region is known as the Land of Fishing Legends for a reason: Its lakes and streams teem with fish, and the many camps that cater to visitors have been there for decades.
By Robert J. Romano, Jr. | Photographs by Patricia Romano

Going To The Spring
During the 1950s, when his family used to stay at a camp in Fryeburg, David Morine and his brother had to haul their water from a spring in the woods. And it wasn't easy.
By David E. Morine

Lakeside & Winter-Worthy
Turning a seasonal retreat into a year-round retirement home ultimately required building a new energy-efficient house.
By Regina Cole | Photographs by Randy O'Rourke

Special Delivery
The Great Pond mail route is one of the few remaining inland water routes in the country.
By Esther J. Perne

Down the Allagash
A canoe trip down the Allagash is a wonderful family adventure.
Story & Photographs by Twain Braden

Birchbark Canoes
Birchbark canoe builder Steve Cayard revels in a craft that connects people to the land.
By Laurie Schreiber

Layer Cake Lake
Jump into a Maine lake during the summer and no matter how warm the water feels on top, there is always cold water lurking below. The reason behind this is a physical phenomenon known as stratification.
By Catherine Schmitt

Dance of the Lady Slippers
The pink lady slipper is one of the delights of spring in Maine. Researchers at the Coastal Maine Botanical Gardens have been studying the mysterious orchid.
Story & Photographs by Lynette Walther

David Driskell: At Home in Maine
Maine may not be the first place that comes to mind when thinking of African-American artists. Yet a number of eminent black artists have found a home and inspiration here, including David Driskell.
By Carl Little | Photographs by Rodney D. Moore

Spiritual Vision: Joyce Tenneson
Photographer Joyce Tenneson captures the soul of her subjects in luminous images.
By Ann Dodds Costello






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Small Adventures
Naples: Songo Lock
By Mimi Bigelow Steadman

Off the Drawing Board
Two Great Boats For the Lake
By Art Paine

My Boat, My Harbor
Savoring Good Memories and Making New Ones
By Drew West

A Letter From Home
Brave Lake Love!
By Carl Little

Maine I Love
Photographs by Kit Aroneau



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Bonus Content For This Issue

Slide Show: A short sail across the Gulf of Maine brings intrepid cruisers to Nova Scotia and the port town of Lunenburg, which has been designated as a World Heritage Site by UNESCO. Enjoy a slide show of images of the town.

Lake App: What's that stuff on the surface of the lake? What's that blob in the water? A new smartphone app from the Maine Volunteer Lake Monitoring Program helps explain the weird and wonderful sights to be seen in lakes, ponds, rivers, & streams.

Science Update: A first-of-its kind wind and wave simulator at the University of Maine in Orono allows designers to test how structures such as ships, oil rigs, off-shore wind turbines and sea walls will respond in different sorts of weather conditions.

Video: Birchbark canoes are totally amazing, beginning with the process of harvesting the bark. The Penobscot Nation and filmmaker D'Arcy Marsh produced a documentary that includes footage of the harvest, as well as the rest of the process.


Issue 140 | May/June 2016
Volume 29 | Number 3
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On the cover: Lake boats come in all sizes and types. Here the photographer's niece heads for the water with her personal inflatable craft at a family camp on Long Island in Moosehead Lake's Lily Bay. Photo by Heather Perry

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