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The Maine I Love - Nate Levesque

Photograph by Nate Levesque

While Nate Levesque has a day-job at the law firm of Eaton Peabody, his true love is photography. Levesque, who graduated from Hampden Academy and the University of Maine, acquired a professional-grade digital camera soon after college and began teaching himself how to use it. A hiker and lover of the outdoors, he sought to capture the scenes that meant so much to him. A few years ago he became interested in shooting the night sky, particularly at Acadia National Park. The shot of the Milky Way over Otter Point was taken about an hour after sunset, which Levesque calls astronomical dusk. He exposed the sky for 30 seconds and the land for 12 minutes and then manipulated the two photos into one image on his computer. For more of Levesque’s work visit

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