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Brigantine - Issue 130

Unabashed Boat Enthusiast

BrigantineBrigantine, attentive at the helm. Photograph by Ann-e Blanchard
Brigantine, known as “Briggs” by her owners, Ryan and Michelle Raber, is an Irish water spaniel who loves being on (and in) the water. So much does she love sailing that during outings to the family’s C&C 34 Scapa at the Portland (Maine) Yacht Club, Briggs often launches herself into the water when she tires of waiting for a ride out to the boat. Needless to say, this prompts frantic rescue adventures. Ryan is captain of the mid-water herring trawler F/V Providian, which he and Michelle own. Briggs loves going aboard Providian, too, being just as amenable to a day of hard work as she is to an afternoon of sailing. She is shown here in the 113-foot-long working vessel’s wheelhouse. Is she right at home? Yes. Is she in command? Most certainly.

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