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The Maine We Love

This series is designed to portray the natural beauty of Maine. We will feature a landscape or seascape photograph in each issue of Maine Boats, Homes & Harbors magazine, then accompany that with a gallery of more work by the same photographer here. Scroll down for more information about the photographers. Sara Gray is a freelance photographer who lives in Falmouth, Maine. She has been photographing professionally for a dozen years, and within this time she has established a reputation as one of the finest landscape photographers in the New England region. She said, "My landscape photographs have been described as beautiful, serene, quiet... I think I find that place within myself when I am out in nature, by the ocean, in the woods, at the base of a mountain. Nature has a healing quality about it and I believe that is what my photography is for me. It allows me to come back inside myself, to be quiet, to be still and to watch magical things unfold. My hope is that I can bring to those who view my photographs a little of what I experience creating them." Although she now photographs a wider range of subjects (people, objects, and architecture) for both editorial and commercial clients, her primary goal remains unchanged, to create a beautiful image. See more of Sara's work at:

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