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Letters - Issue 112

Issue 112

Do you know anything about this model of the HMS Endeavour?
Photo by Steve Shamburek

More to the Story? I am in possession of a small wooden model of HMS Endeavour built by James Izzolo. He obtained the design from England and spent eight years crafting it while teaching in the bush in Alaska. Each plank on the hull is hand pegged. Each block is hand carved. Ten years ago, someone came into the office, recognized the model, and noted that it had been on the cover of many boat magazines. Jim displayed it in our office and then one day sold it to us so that he could obtain some funds to travel the world. My letter to his last address was returned. Searches on the Internet have been futile. Who might know more about the model? There must be someone who knows more of the story. Please contact me, and I will compile the information and pass it along.

Steve Shamburek
Anchorage, Alaska

Magerl Will Be Missed We participated in the annual Friendship sloop gathering in Rockland this past summer. It was a wonderful time; lots of old friends and many new. There was too much wind during the races, so after we saw two near collisions, two near knockdowns, saw a rival boat lose a man overboard, and heard that another had sprung a seam and was taking on water, we decided to retire gracefully. I noted in your last issue that Caroline Magerl will no longer be contributing illustrations to MBH&H. I will miss her art. I have been following her work for years. She is the best.

Ted Walsh
Conway, New Hampshire

Ted ought to know something about art. He is a Contributing Illustrator for MBH&H and the regular illustrator of Eva Murray’s “Letter from Matinicus.“—Eds.

Speaking of Eva... Eva Murray’s article in the Boat Show Issue, MBH&H #111, on recyclable and garbage transfer from the island to the mainland was very interesting and very well written. However, I guess we have a different model of refrigerators in Florida, as most of those washed out from homes in the surge from Hurricane Dennis in the Shell Point area of Florida ended up at the bottom of the canals and had to be fished out as they were found. It would have been much easier if they had been floating.

C. Henry Depew
Tallahassee, Florida

We Aim to Please Your magazine has done more to educate me on my state of choice, Maine, than any other source I have found. The articles are full of important information that highlights both the beauty of the state and the important issues that face us as we move forward. Continue your good works.

Jim Scanlan
Eliot, Maine

Correction In the last issue (MBH&H #111, “Ray Hunt: New England Archimedes”), we left out the contact information for the primary Maine dealer for Hunt Yachts. That dealer is: Yachting Solutions, 229 Commercial St., Rockport, ME 04856. 207-236-8100; The dealer we listed, East Coast Yacht Sales, does sell the Eastbay line of poweryachts, which is based on Hunt-designed deep-vee hulls. Your Help Wanted! If you attended our annual boat & home show in August, we would love your feedback. You can drop us a note, or take our short show survey online:

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