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Boatyard Dog - Max & Cholo - Issue 101

Retrievers on a Busman’s Holiday

Max (starboard) and Cholo (port).
Photo courtesy Dana Smith
Every once in awhile the hands at the Smith Boatyard in Brunswick take a busman’s holiday and get out on the water for a little fun and frolic. Here they are in the yard’s workboat Close Enough off Whaleboat Island in Casco Bay. The two canine gents at the bow are Max (starboard) and Cholo (port). Retrievers, they’re poised to fetch whatever they see whether the Smiths want it fetched or not. “Max and Cholo are our first alert in spotting ducks and, especially, seals,” said Dana Smith, “but they often need to be restrained from leaping overboard to play with their aquatic (and somewhat reluctant) friends.”

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