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Video Feature: WCSH's "207" Interview - MBH&H Maritime Heritage Film Festival

In Our Wake: MBH&H Maritime Heritage Film Festival

In this clip from the television show "207," Maine Boats, Homes & Harbors Publisher John K. Hanson, Jr. and David Weiss of Northeast Historic Film answer questions about In Our Wake: Maine’s Maritime Heritage on Film. This series was produced by MBH&H in collaboration with Northeast Historic Film and was presented twice in March 2010. Through the use of home movies, travelogues, silents, and talkies, this collection of moving pictures (the oldest dated to 1902 and might be THE oldest surviving moving footage shot in the state), provided a look at our state’s boats, harbors and people. The presentations featured on-the-spot commentary from Maine Boats, Homes & Harbors publisher, John K. Hanson, Jr. and also included comments from the lively audiences. The screenings were shown in two coastal cities that have strong maritime heritages—Bucksport and Rockland. Other venues are under consideration.
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