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Audio Slideshow: Buzzards Bay 30s

Peter Webb talks about French & Webb's restoration

In this audio slideshow, Peter Webb, an owner of French and Webb, of Belfast, Maine, discusses the challenges his company faced while restoring three 1902 Herreshoff Buzzards Bay 30s to near-original condition. The three recently launched boats were on display at the 2008 MBH&H Show, where Contributing Photographer Jeff Scher caught up with Webb for a tour, photos, and interview. "The new BB30s are a living testament to last century's golden age of yachting," according to Webb. To listen to Webb and view the audio slide show, click on the play button in lower left-hand corner of the window below.
To listen to the audio slide show, click the play button in the lower left of the window above. To browse images roll over the bottom grey bar to reveal the thumbnails or use the arrow keys to the far right. Click on the grid button for another thumbnail view.

Production, audio recording, and photography by MBH&H Contributing Photographer Jeff Scher.

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