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The Coast Guard in Maine

A sense of purpose and a love of place for the Coast Guard in Maine.

Ocean Viruses Contain Keys to Life

The ocean is awash in viruses, many of which are essential to life as we know it.

Tide power remains a force in Maine

Tidal power's alternative energy technologies

Barrell’s Tidal Mill Pond

One of the largest and best-preserved tide mill sites in Maine is in York.

Tide Mills Powered Maine’s Early Economy

Tide mills once were a big force along the Maine coast. Yet little is left now and no one thinks about them.


A historic summer cottage with a lighthouse-inspired tower

Wells: A Day in Maine’s Low Country

A haven for antiques hounds, Wells also offers access to beaches and a preserved salt marsh.

Edward Robinson’s Pictorial Legacy

Early photographs of Monhegan capture a vanishing way of life.

Fast and Lovely

Members of an early yacht racing club on Mount Desert brought some of the most beautiful one-designs ever built to Maine waters.

A Beachcomber’s Guide to Lobster Gear

Deciphering the objects washed up along the beach

Maine’s Proud History of Building Boats

Mainers have built thousands of boats and ships in the last 200 years. Four are the state’s signature types, wherever they are found: the canoe, the peapod, Friendship sloops, and lobsterboats.

Bend in the River

A trip to Ireland, fly fishing, and memories.


Take a tour of Southport Island

Great White Sharks in Maine

Data shows great white sharks, once on the verge of disappearing, are making a comeback along the Maine coast.

Bowdoin turns 100

A century after it was built to explore remote Arctic regions, the schooner Bowdoin still sails northward, although now the passengers are mostly students.