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Great, Orrs, and Bailey Islands

Travel along a bridge-linked chain of islands in Harpswell

The Healing Power of Winter Paddles

Paddling in Maine waters during the winter can be an elixir for whatever ails you

Mystery Harbors No. 1 and 2

These two harbors have something common. Can you figure out what that is?

From Farmhouse to Summer Retreat

Blue Hill's Curtis house and F.L. Olmstead


Pemaquid: If This Land Could Talk

Governor Baxter and the Making of a Historian

Maine State Historian Earle Shettleworth explains how early encounters with Gov. Percival Baxter inspired his career.

Drama on Ice

Waterville’s wintering eagles, back from the brink of extinction, provide an exciting show for birders.

Hinckley’s Phil Bennett

For nearly 50 years, Hinckley’s Phil Bennett has been helping people find the right boat to bring them joy on the water.

Chatto and the Gift of a Treasured Island

Chatto: A treasured Maine island


Brooklin, Maine, is chock-a-block with boatyards.

Tyranny of the Tides

A stranded fawn presents a rescue dilemma.

The Do It Yourself Dock

It took two summers, but he managed to build his own dock, complete with pilings.

Expand Your Cruising Horizons

After completing the Downeast Loop, a cruising couple offers some how-to advice.

Henry Peabody

Henry Peabody took Maine lighthouse photography to a new level.

International ONE Designs

International One Designs have a long racing tradition in Northeast Harbor.