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Fly Reel Makers of Maine

Maine’s storied history of fishing tackle includes men who designed and built early salmon reels.

A Maine Tradition

Trolling for salmon is an art in relaxation. A seasoned angler has some good tips.

Sales, Service, Storage & Boatbuilding

Hamlin’s Marine operates four sites, offers sales, service, and manufacturing.

A Tribute to a Maine Fisherman

A caring gesture from a waterfront community

Gardiner: River Town Revival

A historic community on the Kennebec River has been undergoing a revival in recent years.

McCurdy Smokehouse

The McCurdy smokehouse Museum tells the story of Lubec’s fishy past.

Maine’s Lynx Project

Maine lynx: secretive, beautiful, and threatened.

Camden’s Anchor Works

Camden once was the site of the country’s largest anchor manufacturing company.


This historic town is just off Route 1

Memories of Early Schooner Days

A schooner hand recalls his years on the water

The Winter Wind Will Blow… And We Shall Have Snow

Reflections from offshore on the winter winds


An up and coming working harbor

An Island Childhood

Raising boys on a Maine island in a home built by a fishing legend.

Architectural Elements

Once charted on maps, cupolas provide views and ventilation as well as serving as waypoints.

Early Photos Tell the Gritty Story of Maine’s Granite Industry

Early photos tell the gritty story of Maine’s granite industry