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In Search of the Biggest Tamarack

A significant tree with connections to boatbuilding

The Sad Tale of Maine’s Extinct Sea Mink

Researchers investigate the species known as the sea mink, which went extinct in Maine 150 years ago

Hurricane Island Unveils a New Research Station

A new state-of-the-art science lab on Hurricane Island features cutting-edge construction technologies and will be a base for cutting-edge marine research

The Inheritance Class Cutter

Based on an early ship model, the Inheritance Class cutter was a classy daysailer

The Joy of Family Picnics and Bacon Dogs

Summer in Maine means picnics and family memories

Protecting the Ocean One Dirty Job at a Time

The Friends of Casco Bay runs a boat that collects sewage from thousands of boats across the busy and expansive bay

The Farwell Project

A former general store and grain mill are at the center of an effort to revitalize a small town

The Fine Art of Moose Calling

Calling moose is thrilling, but it’s not for the faint of heart.

North Haven: Beguiling Isle

A beloved island in Penobscot Bay

Big Storm Coming: Head for the Marsh

When Maine’s hurricane hole anchorages fill up, a salt marsh can provide respite from the storm.

The Hinckley Company’s War Boat Production

While the Hinckley name today is synonymous with luxurious pleasure boats, back in the 1940s, the Maine boatbuilder produced a series of working boats for the war effort.

Joseph Ranco

Joseph Ranco: A Maine master canoe builder and early designer at Indian Old Town Canoe Co.

The Point

The story of a Rockland community and its days as a bustling neighborhood.

A Seal’s Best Friend

Call her the seal queen. Lynda Doughty rescues and rehabilitates stranded seals and other mammals.

Josiah Shackford

Josiah Shackford, a native of Portsmouth, New Hampshire, may well have been the first known person to sail solo across the Atlantic. He did this in 1787.