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This historic town is just off Route 1

Memories of Early Schooner Days

A schooner hand recalls his years on the water

The Winter Wind Will Blow… And We Shall Have Snow

Reflections from offshore on the winter winds


An up and coming working harbor

An Island Childhood

Raising boys on a Maine island in a home built by a fishing legend.

Architectural Elements

Once charted on maps, cupolas provide views and ventilation as well as serving as waypoints.

Early Photos Tell the Gritty Story of Maine’s Granite Industry

Early photos tell the gritty story of Maine’s granite industry

The Coast Guard in Maine

A sense of purpose and a love of place for the Coast Guard in Maine.

Ocean Viruses Contain Keys to Life

The ocean is awash in viruses, many of which are essential to life as we know it.

Tide power remains a force in Maine

Tidal power's alternative energy technologies

Barrell’s Tidal Mill Pond

One of the largest and best-preserved tide mill sites in Maine is in York.

Tide Mills Powered Maine’s Early Economy

Tide mills once were a big force along the Maine coast. Yet little is left now and no one thinks about them.


A historic summer cottage with a lighthouse-inspired tower

Wells: A Day in Maine’s Low Country

A haven for antiques hounds, Wells also offers access to beaches and a preserved salt marsh.

Edward Robinson’s Pictorial Legacy

Early photographs of Monhegan capture a vanishing way of life.