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Beyond Backyard Birdwatching

Birdwatching in Maine is about learning, appreciating nature, venturing to new locales, and seeing those spectacular birds.

Damariscotta: My Home River

Nature and community along the Damariscotta River.

Just Squiddin'

A nighttime squid fishing adventure on the Seal Harbor pier.

MITA Turns 25

How the coastal trail system of Maine Island Trail Association came to be.

Cetacean Sensation

Dan DenDanto is a specialist with a distinctive skill: the rearticulation of large marine mammal skeletons.

Visiting Elisabeth

A sailing adventure takes a literary turn.

Small Adventures: Cape Porpoise

Stopping in at Cape Porpoise.

Ronnie Musetti, Lobsterman

A young lobster fisherman started at age 11 with a student license and 30 traps, and then kept on going.

Tick, Tock, Buzz

Jan Adkins takes a good hard look at the measurement of time.

Wells Reserve

The town of Wells is home to the only National Estuarine Research Reserve in Maine, which is open to the public and the site of scientific research.

We are Radio

WERU-FM is a small community radio station on with a huge and dedicated following.

Remembering the Oakey L. Alexander

Sometimes when disaster strikes, the official rescuers need help. In 1947, a whole community came out to save a shipwrecked crew off Cape Elizabeth.

The Hidden Life of Seaweed

While some beachcombers turn up their nose at a slimy piece of seaweed on the beach, they should not. What keeps that seaweed flexible and slippery is also what keeps our ice cream smooth in our mouths, our lipstick smooth on our lips, and our shaving cream smooth across our cheeks.

Influenced by Nature

Charles Eliot was a noted landscape architect who helped create the land trust model that led to the formation of Acadia National Park. Sailing vacations to Maine with his family when he was young helped inspire his later work.

What's In a Name?

Henry R. Hinckley was an innovator, an early pioneer in the concept of fiberglass production yacht construction. But when it came to boat names, he found one he liked and stuck with it.