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Mystery Harbors No. 1 and 2

Email us your guesses. we will post the answers with next week's new mystery harbors

Email us your guesses

Image No. 1


  1. Home to three distinct populations: fishermen, summer people (many out of Philadelphia), and (3) (formerly the Navy) – and now scientists supporting the local National Park; 
  2. During a “northeaster,” the “Point” – a part of Acadia National Park --  provides good protection here, particularly in the winter;
  3. The long “Neck” is the location of a socially-exclusive summer colony, belying the town’s name;
  4. Site of a well-known annual lobster festival & lobster-boat races; and

     5. Location of the summer home of the owner (formerly) of four separate Philadelphia professional sports teams.

Image No. 2


  1. an anchorage – i.e., not a “harbor” per se; but perhaps well protected in the winter, except from the northeast;
  2. the back reaches of the “harbor” are used for seeding & harvesting mussels;
  3. the number of windjammers at anchor here suggests that the photo was taken on a Friday evening; and
  4. near site of the first large wind-power project on the U.S. east coast, owned by an electric co-op; 
  5. The island was also the site of the summer residence of the 55th governor of Massachusetts, who later became a U.S. senator; 



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