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Boatbuilding on a Smaller Scale

Robert Rice has become the custodian of his family’s boatbuilding history. He also builds boat models.

The Hunt for a Bigger, Better Boat

A cancer diagnosis inspires the search for a bigger boat, and the hunt is never easy.

Cottrell Whitehall: Rowing Elegance

Cottrell Boatbuilding, classic small rowing boats

A Cruise Down Memory Lane on a Special Boat

A cruise on a boat built by her father brings back great memories and makes new ones.

The Rachel Finds Her Lost Soul

A cherished family sailboat is rebuilt in Canada.


An unfortunate high-speed grounding provides the opportunity to modernize an aging racer.

Church of the Red Lobsterboat

A red lobsterboat moored near his home became a beacon of sorts for author Peter Behrens.

Memories of Early Schooner Days

A schooner hand recalls his years on the water

Washburn & Doughty

The state’s first Maine-built ferry in 28 years was launched by Washburn & Doughty

32' Multihull Flow

One-off 32 foot multihull is an energy-efficient ferry

Cambridge Racer

Rowing and the promise of a new shell help in a teen’s recovery


Kits for a double-ended powerboat design with New Zealand roots are being sold in Maine

Faye Renaé

This new 50-footer is built to work hard year-round

Hinckley 35

The Hinckley 35 has the looks of a Picnic Boat with modern outboards


A new patrol boat is a classy-looking beast