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Hinckley Bermuda 50

The Bermuda 50, in no uncertain terms, represents a quantum leap forward, a reset if you will, of the Hinckley aesthetic.

Sailing into the Future

A need for speed leads an Internet pioneer to a Maine boatbuilder.

Roll Or Die

Paul Molyneaux and his son build a skin-on-frame kayak as a home-schooling project and learn deeper lessons about the balance of power between man and nature.

MJM Yachts: MJM 50z Zing

The MJM 50z not only boasts a classic downeast look and smart design; it also takes offshore performance to a new level. Designer Doug Zurn’s modified deep-V hull provides a snappy helm response and a dry ride, even in steep seas.

Hinckley: Talaria 43

Changing the way boats are used

Winterport Boat Yard: Trans Cat 26

The versatile Trans Cat 26 can handle many tasks ranging from towing to hauling heavy duty cargoes.

Washburn & Doughty: Hayley Moran

The Haley Moran, launched by Washburn & Doughty, is 6000 pounds of tugboat.

Lyman-Morse: e33LM

The new e33LM is a fast, wood-fiberglass hybrid daysailer. The first model proved itself right away last spring, winning its class in the Hyannis-Nantucket Figawi Race just a day after it was launched and rigged.

Morris Yachts: Ocean Series 48 GT

The new Morris Ocean Series 48 GT has more sail area, a lighter hull, and a redesigned interior. Morris Yachts also took note of many small features that customers appreciate and worked them into this distinctive Chuck Paine design.

Islesford Boatworks: Tubby Legs

Tubby Legs, a Finboat designed by Harry Bryan of New Brunswick, Canada, has a flexible fin off the stern. Reciprocating foot pedals push the fin back and forth, propelling the vessel through the water like an undulating fish. It’s the eighth boat built at Islesford Boatworks, a summer boatbuilding school.

Sabre Yachts: Salon Express 42

Cruising with the Sabre Salon Express 42.

Big, Bold, and Handsome

Most Maine boatbuilders who cater to commercial fishermen will tell you the same thing: 2014 was the year of the big boat. The majority of those big boats were built for lobstering. We look at a few of them.

D.N. Hylan: Bagatelle

Bagatelle is a pretty 26-foot wooden weekend cruiser designed and built by D.N. Hylan and Associates in Brooklin.

Front Street Shipyard: T33

The new Trefoil 33 Patrol Cat could play a starring role in a spy novel. Front Street Shipyard is building these nimble catamarans, high-speed patrol boats designed for shallow rivers and rough ocean water, for Trefoil Marine.

Cottrell Boatbuilding: Two Moths

Cottrell Boatbuilding of Searsport, Maine, built a pair of custom classic Moths for a customer who had raced Moths when he was young. His charge to the Cottrells: “Design and build me two identical Moths within the classic Moth rules.”