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New Launches

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Stories about new launches along the coast. Search for boats by name or yard, or just browse through our stories about boat built along the shores of the Gulf of Maine.

Just Launched - North Shore 22

Wingedfoot a North Shore 22, built by Grey Barn Boatworks


Bernice, 90-year-old Owen-designed P-class launched at Rockport Marine.

Just Launched - Lowell's Boat Shop Windowbox Dory

A Windowbox Dory, recently built and "launched" by Lowell's Boat Shop.

Just Launched - Agamenticus

Agamenticus, a custom wooden lobsterboat, launched at John's Bay Boat Co.

Just Launched - Mako - Hodgdon Yachts, Patrol Craft MK V.1

Maine Marine Manufacturing, Hodgdon Yachts, and the University of Maine launch a new generation of naval craft.

Just Launched - Ginger

Brooklin Boat Yard Launches the “Spirit of Tradition” Daysailer Ginger.

Just Launched - Herreshoff Pulling Boat

A John Gardner modified Herreshoff pulling boat built by Stephen Florimbi

Just Launched - Alabama

Alabama, a North Shore 22 built by Grey Barn Boatworks

Just Launched - Muskrat

Muskrat, a Holland 32 lobsterboat, launched at Pendleton Yacht Yard.

Just Launched: Hurricane Island 30

Outward Bound, Hurricane Island 30

Great American III

Great American III, 2008 Vendee Globe competitor, launched in Portland

Just Launched - Reward

Geezer Boatworks launches Reward, a 1963 39.5' Bunker & Ellis

Just Launched - North Shore 22

Grey Barn Boatworks launched hull #8 of their North Shore 22 (formerly the Sisu 22), designed by Royal Lowell.

Launchings - Southport Island Marine - Handy Billy 21

Southport Marine announced the debut of this popular style in fiberglass with an eye to ease of maintenance.

Just Launched - Anna

The 56-foot, cold-molded Anna, designed by Sparkman & Stephens and built by Brooklin Boat Yard, launched after nearly a year in the build process.