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Boat Features

Still Boating After All These Years

At 103 and 96, respectively, Herb and Ruth Weiss are experienced cruisers

Life Aboard Mind’sEye

A new boat built in Sweden fits right in on the Maine coast

Atlantic Boat Finds a Niche Building Launches

Atlantic Boat finds a niche building launches and water taxis

Boating Simplified: A Sailor takes to Canoes

A long-time sailor discovers the hassle-free joy of canoeing.

The Joy of Sailing with Friends and Family

Discovering the rewards of a different kind of adventure.

Dark Harbor 20

Designed by Olin Stephens, Dark Harbor 20s, fast, easy to handle, and lovely, have been racing on Penobscot Bay for 85 years.

An Ode to a Puffin

The special joy of a Puffin rowboat.

An Inventor’s Hi-Tech Rowing Shell

R. Buckminster Fuller's rowing needles

Boatbuilding on a Smaller Scale

Robert Rice has become the custodian of his family’s boatbuilding history. He also builds boat models.

The Hunt for a Bigger, Better Boat

A cancer diagnosis inspires the search for a bigger boat, and the hunt is never easy.

A Cruise Down Memory Lane on a Special Boat

A cruise on a boat built by her father brings back great memories and makes new ones.

The Rachel Finds Her Lost Soul

A cherished family sailboat is rebuilt in Canada.

Church of the Red Lobsterboat

A red lobsterboat moored near his home became a beacon of sorts for author Peter Behrens.

Memories of Early Schooner Days

A schooner hand recalls his years on the water

Washburn & Doughty

The state’s first Maine-built ferry in 28 years was launched by Washburn & Doughty