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Boat Features

Protecting the Ocean One Dirty Job at a Time

The Friends of Casco Bay runs a boat that collects sewage from thousands of boats across the busy and expansive bay

My Gloucester Gull: The Perfect One-Woman Dory

The Gloucester Gull is a rowable ticket to heaven

Chase, Leavitt & Co.

Chase, Leavitt & Co. has been taking care of mariners for 169 years.

An Ode to a Beals Island Boat and Her Builder

Little Darlin’ is the last wooden lobsterboat built by the late Clinton L. “Buddy” Beals.

Lifelong Lessons of Time and Tide

An ode to 80-plus years of boating.

The Hinckley Company’s War Boat Production

While the Hinckley name today is synonymous with luxurious pleasure boats, back in the 1940s, the Maine boatbuilder produced a series of working boats for the war effort.

Joseph Ranco

Joseph Ranco: A Maine master canoe builder and early designer at Indian Old Town Canoe Co.

A Great Poet and His Beloved Boat

The poet Richard Ghormley Eberhart and his classic powerboat Reve.

Fairmaid: A Century-old Ketch Still Going Strong

Caring for a 100-year-old Alden ketch has kept this couple on their toes for 42 years.

The Little Tanker That Can

One 58-foot vessel and her intrepid captain keep island fuel tanks full.

Tollycraft 34: A Dream Come True

Reunited with a 1984 Convertible Sedan powerboat.

Chasing Liquid Mountains

Around the world in 40 feet with Brian Harris, the general manager at Portland’s MYC

A Family of Master Ship Carvers and Their Art

A family of 19th century Portland ship carvers were masters of a lost art

Navier 30

Into the future on a hydofoiling electric speedster

Mattie & Ayva

A rugged workboat