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Just Launched: Mala Conducta

62' fast cruising catamaran

custom catamaran
Launch Details:
Boat Name:
Mala Conducta
LOA 62', Beam 28'6", Draft Boards Up: 8'10" Down: 1'11",
Mast Height: 76'1" from deck
Sail Area:
Main: 1,334 sq.ft., Solent: 523 sq.ft., Masthead Reacher: 2,259 sq.ft.,
Storm Jib: 162 sq.ft., Blast Reacher: 1,496 sq.ft.
Designed by:
Morrelli and Melvin of Huntington Beach, California
Built by:
Lyman-Morse Boatbuilding, Thomaston, Maine
Launched site:
Thomaston, Maine
Particulars: Maine is blessed with a number of custom boatbuilders, but we think it's safe to say that none currently work in as many mediums and materials as does Lyman-Morse in Thomaston. Straight fiberglass, SCRIMP, wood, aluminum, stainless steel--they work in them all. Their newest launch, Mala Conducta, was built with Kevlar/Eglass prepreg outer skins, with P or Nomex core, and carbon prepreg inner skins. This 62' cruising catamaran will be light, nimble, and fast. In order to build such a complex structure with these high-tech materials, Lyman-Morse had to build four different oven configurations to cure the composites at 160-180 degrees. The deck was built in a female mold in one large piece; it is also a combination of Kevlar/E-glass and carbon fiber prepregs. The boat is expected to reach speeds of more than 25 knots -- not bad for a boat with all the amenities that was built for family cruising. Mala Conducta features cutting-edge lithium ion batteries and an E-plex electrical system designed to keep weight down. The E-plex system by Bass Electronics utilizes touch screens, which are located throughout the vessel, to control lighting and electronics.
Champagne smashMala Conducta is christened (with gusto!) just before launching.

Catamaran hull shape

Catamaran drawings

Information and specifications supplied by the builder. Every effort has been made to ensure accuracy. However, Maine Boats, Homes & Harbors accepts no liability in the event of any errors of fact or omission.

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