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Launchings - Southport Island Marine - Handy Billy 21

Southport Island Marine

Southport Island Marine Handy Billy 21
Model: Handy Billy 21 Builder: Southport Island Marine, South Casco, Maine . Launch Date: Launch Location: Particulars: This quick little boat was designed by Harry Bryan using lines from the popular and efficient designs of William Hand in the early 1900s. He calls the boat the "Handy Billy" a play on words on Mr. Hand's name. This design was introduced by Harry Bryan in 1998. Since that time, many of these boats have been built in wood. This is the first time the boat will be available built in fiberglass. It is being produced with an eye to ease of maintenance and classic beauty. The boats are handsome, speedy and efficient. Powered by a 30-horsepower four-stroke outboard motor, the Southport HB 21 cruises at 15 knots. The installation of a quiet four stroke engine in a sound-insulated compartment inside the transom, creates a remarkably quiet power plant. In addition, these four-stroke engines are efficient, clean, and dependable. Below are a few images of the new Handy Billy 21.
Handy Billy 21
Southport Island Marine is well known as the builder of the traditional and elegant Southport 30 Down East Lobsterboat . Our Trademarked motto: "Life's Too Short To Own An Ugly Boat" succinctly expresses our boatbuilding philosophy, and draws lots of attention wherever it is displayed. (We have a line of "Life's Too Short . . ." Merchandise: Bumper Stickers, T-Shirts, Hats, Bronze Plaques.)

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