Boatyard Dog

Boatyard Dogs - Issue 134

RufusBuffer (left) and Olive (right). Left Photo by Ann-e Blanchard and Right Photo by Alison Langley.

Boatyard Dog - Issue 131

Boatyard Dog – Laynie – Issue 131

Boatyard Dog (CAT!) - Issue 128

TikkiThe live-aboard expert and mediator


Boatyard Dog - Issue 127

RufflesPhoto: Bell’s Furry Friends Photography

A whole woof-load of fun was had during the 2013 World Championship Boatyard Dog Trials at the Maine Boats, Homes & Harbors Show in August.


Boatyard Dog - Issue 126

CadyPhoto credit: courtesy Belmont Boatworks

If you were a big dog full of lots of slobbery energy, where would you rather work: Around the house or in a boatyard?