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Boat Show

Small Adventures

Boats Of The Year

Along The Shore

Way Back When — Issue 150

River crossings once relied on ferries in the days before bridges.

On the Town Dock — Issue 150

News updates from around the state.

Letters to the Editor — Issue 150

A Maine memory, the Mary E, and Toroa

The Barn Fleet

The publisher just keeps acquiring boats.

Awanadjo Almanack — Issue 150

Winter snow doesn’t stop the littlest critters.

Owls Head

In Owls Head you will find a museum, a lighthouse, a nice harbor, and good food.

The Artist and the Ardent Admirer

The complex relationship between an artist and an ardent admirer: collector Susan Myers and painter Paul Rickert.

A House of Many Woods

Paul and Jula Sampson make their living selling wood products to the builders of fine homes, so it was only natural that when they built a new home, it included more than 35 varieties of wood.

Atlantic Class Sloops

Atlantic Class sloops are still thrilling sailors after all these years.

A Tale of Two Tough Tugboats

Back in the days of log drives on lakes and rivers, tugs played a key role, towing acres of wood.