Southern Maine Coast

The trains in Maine are hard to explain, the best view in the Pine Tree State, and Herbie bites the (saw) dust.
Letters to the Editor, Issue 109
Anticipating the Season
<strong> By Melissa Waterman</strong> - It <em>is</em> possible to find your way in the world using your own built-in computer: your brain.
<strong> By Melissa Waterman</strong> - What leads a scientist to his or her chosen field?
<strong> By Melissa Waterman</strong> - The salty sea is in our blood.
Hear the exuberant spring chant of a male cardinal rising undaunted in the falling snow.
Friendship goes moist, the cost of boating, and the famous canoe-testing toss.
Letters to the Editor, Issue 108
Pondering next year’s crop of new boats from the yards of the Maine boatbuilder.
Maine Boats Homes and Harbors Magazine, Table of Contents, Issue 108, March 2010
<a href="/online/maine-events/february-2010">The Toboggan Nationals, an indoor-outdoor trialthlon, great art and music. Click for more info and other February Events >></a>
<a href="/online/maine-events/december-2009">A festival of trees, the magic of Christmas and sardines? Click for more info and other December Events >></a>
Maine Boats Homes and Harbors Magazine, Table of Contents, Issue 107, Winter 2010
The blown-down spruce left a big hole in the sky, and in my heart.
<strong> By Melissa Waterman</strong> - What happens when sound passes through water?
<a href="/online/maine-events/october-2009">Enjoy a lobster, catch a flick and carve a pumpkin. Click for more info and other October Events >></a>
Swan Island is accessible only by boat. Thus it is a haven for wildlife, and a camping, paddling, and hiking adventure unto itself.
<strong> By Melissa Waterman</strong> - All the abundance of the Gulf of Maine is based on microscopic plants and animals.
<strong> By Melissa Waterman</strong> - Maine’s Beaches: You can’t go wrong with a little sand.
<strong> By Melissa Waterman</strong> - It’s a guy thing.
Most of Us Can’t Tell One Crow from Another
More from Bill, the earth remains on its axis, and why we don’t annex Canada.
Letters to the Editor, Issue 106
Long winters and wet springs drive Maine innovation.