Boat Show

Small Adventures


Along The Shore

Way Back When — Issue 143

An early-1900s view of the Penobscot River from the book "Maine On Glass," show an array of vessels.

Good Reads — Issue 143

Looking for a book to read?

Welcome Downeast

The close of the year brings holiday traditions, chilly weather, and hibernation for all of nature's creatures.

A Letter From Home — Issue 143

The Marine Quarterly journal is a literary escape of the marine sort for the winter months.

Rolling on the River

A day trip up the Kennebec River and through Merrymeeting Bay to Hallowell and back provides a scenic adventure.

Paddling Into New Adventures

Stand-up paddleboarding is a way for both people of all ages to explore the coast, while also building up muscle strength.

Small Bird Big Journey

Blackpoll warblers fatten up and add muscle before making a non-stop 80- to 90-hour transoceanic flight from Maine to Venezuela.

Penobscot River Restoration

A multi-year project to remove dams and restore the Penobscot River is paying off as fish populations rebound.

Inside the Frame

The people who make the art often get our attention, but who stretches their canvases and who makes their frames? Meet a husband-wife team that creates gorgeous frames, and a pair of talented canvas makers.

Ashley Bryan at 93

At 93, artist and author Ashley Bryan is still hard at work. His newest children’s book, Freedom Over Me, tells the story of slaves.